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Welcome To Bathija Fabrics ...
With the Indian Economy growingly rapidly and being known as one of the most promising developing country in the world, All Industries including the textile industry are growing at an alarming rate to cater high domestic as well as international demand, Also due to its natural resourses and climatic conditions India is known to produce the best quality cotton which is being supported by the inflow of technology in recent times raising the demand of fabrics from India globally .
Bathija Fabrics pioneered and sustained by Mr. Jaikumar Arjandas Bathija since 1984 has come to be known as one of the leading names in the textile industry in India and in recent times has also reached the pedestal that there has been demand for the fabrics made by this company globally due to the principles this company follows which is the the 3-R's Reach Reliability Responsibility.
All these years of experience and hardcore understanding of the market the company has been specifically well know for its wide range of Colors which is more than 200 colors in Plain Shirting fabrics and more than 100 designs in School Uniform and Corporate Shirting.